• Experience in systems analysis and conduct interviews and gather information.
•  Experience in designing and documentation the systems.
• Experience in processing and data analysis.
• خبره في تطوير الدورات المستنديه لإنجاز الأعمال وتحويلها للنظام الآلي .
• Experience in the preparation of operating manuals for the systems and technical manuals.
• Experience in training and curriculum development.
• Experience in hardware maintenance and technical support.
• Experience in the design and preparation of presentations.
• Experience in e-commerce and e-marketing.
• Experience in dealing with payment gateways Paypal, Cashu, OneCard and link them with web-sites to 
   receive funds

 Hesham Abdulrazaq Al-Mesbahi

Information Systems Engineer

+967 714001700
+967 700707080

Republic of Yemen - Sana'a
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